Many organisations are unable to justify employing a full-time facilities manager, and often lack the in-house skills to efficiently organise and manage repairs and maintenance. We have developed this service as we feel that it will provide excellent value for money and prevent buildings falling into disrepair.

Why is maintenance so important? [link to new article]

Most of the repair projects we work on could have either been avoided or greatly reduced by proper routine maintenance. Unfortunately, many small organisations are either unaware of the importance of maintenance, or in many cases it is simply overlooked because it is nobodies specific responsibility.

{statistics about cost benefits of routine maintenance}

Why a membership service?

We believe that a low-cost membership service will encourage clients to contact us as soon as a problem occurs. This early notification of problems is crucial in preventing large scale repair projects and therefore keeping maintenance costs as low as possible.

The members area will soon have a messaging system that will enable you to log queries at any time, and they will be answered within 24 hours.

Membership Costs

Full details of our fees are available here.

The annual membership fee is £75. This will provide access to the members area and exclusive member benefits.

Within the first month of your membership we will carry out an initial condition survey and produce a costed maintenance and management plan for a reduced fee of £300

[Why do I need a maintenance and management plan?]

The maintenance and management plan will be updated every 5 years, within the cost of your membership

You will then have access to our buildings maintenance and management team for a reduced hourly rate, which will be fixed for the term of your annual membership. The team will be on hand to respond to any queries, specify repairs and to ensure that all routine maintenance is carried out.